Why Level Up?



Level Up Career Services is not just another resume writing and career prep service trying to be all things to all people. I specialize in working with college and graduate students, as well as recent grads with less than two years post-graduation work experience.  Why? Simple - this is my area of expertise.


Many firms have a “recent grads” package on their website. However, the majority of their employees have no real-world work experience in this area, nor do they understand the nature of campus recruiting. Having spent my career involved in every aspect of career services and on-campus recruiting, I know the special challenges college students and recent grads face.  I’m also keenly aware of the numerous mistakes these job seekers make, from career planning to resume writing and interview preparation. With this knowledge and experience, I can offer a specialized service few firms can match.


Having worked as a career services staff member myself, as well as a campus recruiter working with career services offices (CSO) at universities across the country, I appreciate how dedicated these professionals are and how hard they work. Unfortunately, due to many issues beyond their control, most CSOs face a number of hurdles in providing the personalized services students seek.  As a small independent firm, however, Level Up Career Services is not hindered by the issues university-provided services have to overcome.  Take a look at what Level Up has to offer: 


Experience on both sides of the recruiting field

While many CSO staff have never worked outside an academic setting, I know from firsthand experience what employers are looking for, what catches a recruiter's eye…and what will get a resume tossed in the “reject” pile.



Despite the importance of their work, most CSOs struggle with limited budgets, leading to the unfortunate problem of being understaffed and overworked.  Sadly, this situation often results in limited time available to students. At Level Up Career Services, however, I will make YOU my priority – not the thousands of other students attending school or various other projects requiring attention.


Flexible schedule

I can be available early mornings, evenings and weekends – I can work around YOUR schedule and am not limited to the standard 8am-5pm office hours of most CSOs.


In-depth analysis and professionally crafted documents

Most CSOs will do either 1) a review of the student's current resume and make suggestions for changes OR 2) meet with the student in a 30-minute appointment where they provide resume samples and offer guidance on writing a resume.  In either case, students leave to write their resume on their own.  I, on the other hand, will spend time working with you to draw out all those skills and experiences that make a resume stand out – many times students aren’t even aware they posses these qualities! I will review your past experiences and explain how to turn duties and responsibilities into accomplishments. Then I will craft the resume and provide copies in multiple formats.


Quality time and personal attention

Unlike CSO interview workshops that are limited in both time and personal attention, I will conduct an intensive one-on-one interview coaching session with you.  Rather than provide general information geared toward a diverse audience, we will make the best use of our time together by addressing your specific needs and focus on those areas that need the most attention, ensuring you are fully prepared for future interviews.