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I have to give a shout out to coach Tami Campbell! She worked with me to overhaul my bland resume and create a powerful one that would get me past the dreaded applicant tracking systems.  With my new and improved resume, I landed an interviw fairly quickly and decided to do a mock interview/prep session with Tami to prepare.  Best. Decision. Ever!


We did some practice questions, she gave me constructive criticism and she helped me understand the information recruiters want and don't want to hear.


My interview was today and it honestly couldn't have gone better. I felt confident in my answers (thanks to my prep) and the conversation with the hiring manager was fluid. I was answering her questions with ease and it would, in turn, spark a productive discussion about our industry. ...I am so thankful to Tami for all the information she's shared and the time she's spent helping me!


If you're struggling to land the job you want but on the fence about paying for the services, just do it. You absolutely will not be disappointed..


- Kristina, Presto, PA 

Tami Campbell is one of the most knowledgeable professionals in her field.  She provided results beyond expectation.  Her candor and upbeat personality made it easy to accomplish our goals.  I would recommend Tami’s services to anyone looking to take the next steps in advancing their career.  Thanks Tami for the life-changing experience!

- Valerie, Dearborn Heights, MI

I am currently seeking a career change after decades in the same line of work.  I wrote, rewrote my resume using the advice from many online self-proclaimed resume gurus.  The feedback from the free resume critique was always the same no matter how many times I tweaked the wording.  I couldn’t understand how what I achieved in my work in human services could be quantified.  The next resume related search I did was for a career coach/resume writer/interview expert.  And that’s how I found Tami.

I was drawn to her profile over the many that I read.  Tami emphasized the importance of meeting face-to-face, getting to know her clients and forming a working relationship.  I realized I needed Tami if I was going to be successful in getting my dream job.  We met 3 times over 3 weeks and I have never felt so good about presenting my resume to the world.


Tami is pleasant, professional and extremely knowledgeable in what she does.  She is easy to talk to and her critiques are gentle and constructive.  She gave me excellent advice, individualized worksheets and follow-up opportunities for down the road.  I definitely recommend Tami for any and all career-related help. 

- Tammy, Eastpointe, MI

I have a job interview on Monday!  I just want to give a shout-out to the amazing coaching that I've received thus far...As someone who has been out of the job market Mom'ing and being a grad student for the past couple years, I was really nervous to start my job hunt for the first time in 12 years. Investing in a resume and cover letter that helped me be seen through the modern world of applicant tracking systems was invaluable. After weeks of no responses, I was scheduled for a phone interview less than 3 days after submitting an application with my new documents. And talking through interviewing techniques with a coach has been wonderful to help me work through my nerves. Now I've got a couple days to really work on my responses to common interview questions using the techniques I've learned. Thank you, Tami!

- Ayah, California

"I would 100% recommend Level Up Career Services to any college student or recent graduate! I was hesitant at first because I just began my job search, and thought I didn't need any help. However, I am so glad I changed my mind and decided to work with Tami. She was so helpful, and gave me not only a professional resume and extremely helpful interview tips; but also gave me the confidence I needed to really make an impression on future employers. I am so glad I worked with her and will definitely be recommending Level Up to my friends!"

- Amy, Michigan State University

"After a few emails and meeting with Tami for the first time, I instantly knew that this would be a beneficial experience. The level of professionalism combined with sincerity I received made the process very easy and understandable. I now feel confident that I am able to present myself as well as my resume in such a way that will result in getting hired for the appropriate job opportunity."

- Ryan, Livonia, MI

I recentlh had my resume done with Tami and I'm in shock...Wonderful shock. When I provided her all the work I do and she turned it around...It was amazing; it made me feel so successful. Thank you, Tami, once again.

- Elizabeth, St. Petersburg, FL, 

"Tami Campbell's Level Up Services were outstanding. My son gained so much insight, experience, and confidence working with Tami. I was also pleasantly surprised with the very reasonable cost of her services. He utilized the resume help and interview coaching. She spent a lot of time with my son in person, and also on preparations and resume revisions at her office. He felt very comfortable working with her. Yet, she did not hesitate to let him know where and how he needs to improve. Thank you Tami. The help you provided was much more than I had expected!"

- Mike, Central Michigan University Parent

"Meeting and working with Tami has been a wonderful experience that I'd recommend to every individual preparing for a well grounded, successful future. I am more than satisfied with the resume she provided me and trust that Tami has led me down the right path which wouldn't have been possible without her!"

- Emma, Washtenaw Community College

Ms. Tami Campbell is great! Her work ethic is very structured... She challenged me to dig deep and held me accountable through the process. Ms. Tami taught me a lot and I was willing to learn from her. I couldn't have asked for someone better. Tami Campbell goes above and beyond for her clients.

- C.Alexis, University of North Carolina - Greensboro

"Ms. Campbell helped me improve my interview skills and my resume. The resume Ms. Campbell helped me create looks more professional, is easier to read and highlights my strengths that employers are looking for... I feel much more confident going forward in my job search now."

- Dennis, Central Michigan University

"I hired Tami to help me with my resume. WOW!  Professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. She did a great job!  I have no problem recommending her to anyone."

- George, St. Clair Shores, MI

"Tami was very clear about the whole resume process. I trusted her judgment completely seeing as she was very knowledgeable, experienced and helpful with each question I had. She also brought up many new thoughts, ideas, and things to keep in mind which will help me to have a successful future."

- Emma, Washtenaw Community College

"Ms. Campbell was very helpful in identifying strengths and weaknesses regarding my resume and interviewing skills. I highly recommend both services. Great service for a great value."

- Dennis, Central Michigan University

"My son utilized Tami's services. She was very helpful to me and my son. We talked on the phone and she was never in a hurry to get off the line even though I asked a lot of questions. She made it very clear of what she offered for services."

- Mike, Central Michigan University Parent