Resume Coaching

Why resume coaching and not resume writing?


At one time, all you needed for your job search was one well-written resume.  Applicant Tracking Systems changed that. Today, your resume needs to be targeted to the specific job you're applying to - each and every time.  

If you plan to make responding to job postings part of your job search strategy, you'll need to tweak your resume for every job you apply to. Why pay to have a generic resume written for you that won't make it past the ATS? If you don't know how to customize it for the specific job you're applying to, then that resume you paid so much money for will have little value.

Why choose Level Up for resume coaching?

  • You have mere seconds for your resume to make an impression. As a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), I will coach you on how to write a resume that grabs attention and demands more time.

  • I will teach you how to create a targeted, forward-focused, accomplishment-specific resume that will get interview offers.

  • I will ensure you have a solid understanding of Applicant Tracking Systems and offer tips and tools to get your resume through them.

  • I will do all necessary layout and formatting, creating a resume with strong visual appeal (allowing you to focus on content development).

  • And best of all...I help you take a fresh look at yourself...your skills, experiences, accomplishments.  95% of my clients report that they have experienced a new sense of confidence after having worked together. (Check out my feedback)

Package Includes:
  • Original resume review

  • Initial meeting of 1 - 1.5 hours covering the following topics:

    • Best resume format to use in your specific situation

    • Review and discuss resume in detail

    • Identify key areas that need to be addressed

    • Discuss Applicant Tracking Systems, along with tips and tools to get your resume past the ATS and into the hands of a person

  • You revise your resume, with a focus on content development.  Once revised, you'll send to me for a second review and editing, along with layout and formatting assistance. (I do all the work to make it visually appealing, so that my clients can spend their time focusing on content.)

  •  Second meeting for approximately 30 minutes to one hour, to review and discuss any additional needed changes. 

Fee: $125