In today's job market, candidates need every advantage they can get to stand out from the crowd. Level Up Career Services goes above and beyond in preparing students, graduates, early to mid-level career candidates and those with unique challenges (unemployment, re-entering workforce, returning citizen, etc. ) to excel in the job search process. A priority is placed on getting to know each client's background thoroughly, resulting in highly individualized resumes and in-depth, personalized coaching sessions. 

Most early/mid-career candidates write their resumes the same way: they list a "me-focused" objective and all the responsibilities they had in all their past jobs. While this approach may have worked for job seekers 20 years ago, resumes today need to be "employer-focused" and accomplishment-specific. Unfortunately, many candidates have difficulty identifying their past achievements, and even fewer are able to successfully incorporate those accomplishments into their resume in such a way that grabs a recruiter's attention.